Age: 25
Height: 5'4
Highest Weight: 164.4
Current Weight: 148.8

Half way point:135
Goal Weight: 125
Goal date: Bikini season.
Nike+ user name: jenrunning25
Myfitnesspal: dearlife86
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The things I do for my #godzillah (at On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina)

Happy Mothers Day Mom💕 (at The Hut)

Bout to attempt to make me some fried quinoa #jennyskitchen #healthyways (at VH Crib)

Pretty sure I used every electric device in my kitchen to make this cheesy cauliflower garlic rice but it was well worth it!

Happy Birthday @ninaross2189 (at Adobe Gilas Chicago)

My fave Cheesecake Factory meal made Healthy sun dried tomato fettuccine with brown rice pasta & Greek yogurt sauce (at VH Crib)

Bacon & cheese stuffed pork chop with cheesy broccoli rice been cravin this all day

Yep I totally picked the right cat #everyoneloveswine #leolovesreds

Ready for tomorrow! #lemonwater #cucumber #mint


Aquarius Can Appreciate….Cancer’s Emotions.

(via zodiaccity)

My tax return gift finally came!!! #coach #ilovegifts #formyself

Hello Monday!

Well at least my @birchbox came #shittyday